X Games 14 Athlete Invites Announced
The Hoffman Sports Association announced the second round of invites for the BMX Freestyle competitions for ESPN's X Games 14, to be held July 29-August 3 in Los Angeles. tn_nerdsquad_big Along with naming the final invites for the Park, Vert and Big Air competitions, the Hoffman Sports Association announced the increased field in Big Air to seven riders and the additional of two alternates for Big Air and Vert. The final round of invites for the last 4 spots in SuperPark will take place on or about July 1. Announcement to follow soon after.

Invitees include:
Super Park - Full class will be 20 riders
(Pre-qualified: 1. Daniel Dhers, 2. Scotty Cranmer, 3. Dave Mirra)
Round 1 invites:
4. Morgan Wade
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Gary Young
7. Dennis Enarson
8. Josh Harrington
9. Ryan Guettler
10. Mike Aitken
11. Chris Doyle

Round 2 invites:
12. Steve McCann
13. Brian Foster
14. Chase Hawk
15. Chad Kagy
16. Alistair Whitton

Street - Full class is 12 riders
(Pre-qualified: 1. Garrett Reynolds, 2. Aaron Ross, 3. Van Homan)
Round 1 Invites:
4. Corey Martinez
5. Dakota Roche
6. Brad Simms
7. Brian Kachinsky
8. Sean Sexton
9. Josh Harrington

Round 2 Invites:
10. Seth Kimbrough
11. Rob Wise
12. Nathan Williams

Vert - Full class is 10 riders
(Pre-qualified: 1. Jamie Bestwick, 2. Simon Tabron, 3. Kevin Robinson)
Round 1 Invites:
4. Chad Kagy
5. Zack Warden
6. Jimmy Walker
7. Francisco "CoCo" Zurita
8. Steve McCann
Round 2 Invites:
9. Jay Eggleston
10. Dennis McCoy

Vert Alternates:
1. John Parker
2. Koji Kraft

2 Big Air - Full class is 7 riders
(Pre-qualified: 1. Kevin Robinson, 2. Anthony Napolitan, 3. Steve McCann)
Round 1 Invites:
4. Chad Kagy
5. Morgan Wade

Round 2 Invites:
6. Dave Mirra
7. Allan Cooke

Big Air Alternates:
1. Zack Warden
2. Mike Escamilla

King of Vert Jamie Bestwick, who is a five time X Games Gold Medalist, three time Dew Tour Champion and Athlete of the Year (Nora Cup), tn_Crewsflash_big has joined forces with his sponsors, Etnies, Levi's, Monster Energy, Boost Mobile, Bell Helmets and The Athlete Recovery Fundto help raise awareness as well as monetary donations for the Paul Family Fund. The fund was established on behalf of injured BMX athlete stephen, who suffered a severe spinal cord injury while competing in 2007's Panasonic Open. The Athlete Recovery Fund was created to assist injured action sports athletes, such as Murray, with charitable medical and educational assistance.

Bestwick, along with System Bicycle Supply and his sponsors, will be auctioning seven one-of-a-kind bikes each signed by Bestwick. Each BMX bike will be ridden by Bestwick at various competitions throughout the summer beginning with the Panasonic Open June 19-22 in Baltimore, Maryland. The other competitions include all five stops of the AST Dew Tour, X Games 14 and the LG World Championships. After each competition one bike will become available for auction at this EBAY link. The auction ends June 29, 2008.

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